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About Us We are the missing elixir between your idea and your product.

Fahad Shafique

Mobile Development Lead

Syed Ali

Web Development Lead

Bilal Ahmed

UI/UX Lead

Our Business-Team

Actively manages the entire process from helping with creation of the product roadmap, setting up the resources to ensuring frequent communication.

Our Dev-Team

Lets the magic happen.It develops the code and creates you a product which the users will love. By using the agile methodology, the whole development process is highly transparent for the client and allows for product adjustments along the actual development path.

Our Services

Elixirnet is all about bringing your technical ideas to live. From mobile and web apps to games and AI, We offer the full stack of IT development.

Case Studies


Appics is a photo sharing app that focuses on collaborative albums as well as picture sharing in full resolution. In appics you can browse location based albums from all around the world. With the automatic creation of QR codes for every Appics album, finding and sharing pictures from events has never been easier.

Ruby on Rails Redis Server Memecache ec2 server


We are Travis, a German based travel tech startup. Since we think the current booking process for event visitors is inconvenient and time consuming, we created an innovative tool to make both even-organizers’ and their attendees’ lives easier. Travis makes booking the travel and accommodation for an event as easy as booking the ticket. By connecting the travel booking process directly to the event website and only focusing on event and conference visitors we can offer your attendees the best service.

Swift Ruby on Rails Redis Server Memecache ec2 server

Our Believes


We believe that nothing can be achieved without proper communication; That is why our management team ensures a continuous communication though a medium of the client's choice along the entire process.


The idea and code will be developed by our dream team of tech engineers. However, that does not mean that we own any of the code. Consequently, we make sure that the Intellectual Property is handed over smoothly to the client after our job has been done successfully.


Brings in the idea, decides about the product’s functionality and manages the operational development.

Progress integration combined with management tools are our key drivers for a transparent and efficient development. Thus, the client will always be updated about the latest progress.